When La Van Tea opened their doors for the first time they knew having a website would be key. As a small, local business just starting out, they wanted to keep the new site simple with an opportunity for future expansion. In addition KiKi, from La Van Tea, was also looking for help designing a brochure for the store, along with a menu for the web and print.

Clever Fix:

In preparation for the new website, the Clever Banana team went to visit La Van Tea to get a feel (and taste) of the new tea house in order to incorporate the cafe’s vibe into their online presence. La Van Tea’s funky chalkboard wall stuck out as a really fun and memorable part of the cafe, so Clever Banana made a point to include it into the website design. 

Clever Banana was also challenged to create an easily navigable menu for the website so customers could browse La Van Tea offerings before their visit. The main goal was to create a strong, consistent brand across the online and offline channels.

Clever Results:

  • The new La Van Tea website is clean and simple yet bold, and accurately matches the cafe’s personality. 
  • The digital and brochure menu are consistent in look and feel and provide customers a peek at the cafe's offerings. 
  • The site is mobile friendly, which is important as many people tend to search for restaurants and cafes on the go.

Phase 1 | Discover

Research and Information Architecture

After the initial meeting with Kiki, the Clever Banana team visited the cafe to get a feel for it’s personality. From there, the team performed research to determine what the industry standard is for other similar cafes; for instance, what information would potential customers expect to see on the website? And, what menu layouts are most popular? 

With this information, Clever Banana drafted the new website’s information architecture which explains what information goes on the website and it’s location. 

Phase one recap:

  • Attain deep understanding of the current landscape through research and client meetings.
  • Draft the information architecture of the new website.


La Van Tea

Phase 2 | Design

La Van Tea

Website Mock-up and Brochure Design

Clever Banana used the research performed in phase one, along with the newly developed information architecture to create the layout and design for the new site. The team worked with La Van Tea to collect all of their existing brand assets to mock up the site in full detail, including creating a digital version of the chalkboard wall for the site’s ‘Contact’ page. 

Phase two recap:

  • Collect current brand assets, including the logo, branding colors and icons in order to get started on the website and menu brochure.
  • Clever Banana presented two different versions of the website mockup with varying layouts for the menu.


Phase 3 | Development

La Van Tea

Develop Mobile-friendly, Custom Website

Keeping La Van Tea’s budget and time constraints in mind, Clever Banana chose to build the the static website from scratch without using a content management system. 

From a technical perspective, the site was developed to be easily navigable from any device - desktop or mobile - which is important for potential customers who often make decisions about where to dine on the go

Phase three recap:

  • Full website development


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