Le Répertoire Déco challenged Clever Banana to take a single, bilingual brand and turn it into two separate brands, serving two different audiences (French speakers and English speakers). Despite the fact that the Répertoire Déco is a new name, the directory isn’t. Launched in October 2009 under the household name Damask & Dentelle, the web directory grew to include over 2000 unique and original entries. 

Founder Vanessa Sicotte, a design stylist, blogger and TV personality, created the directory as a way to reach out and share finds of Québec’s design boutiques, artisans and professionals to the consumers as well as people from the design industry

Clever Fix:

Cindy and the Clever Banana team jumped in feet first to create a new logo and brand kit (including a new colour scheme and typography) for the freshly minted Le Répertoire Déco. To showcase the new brand, Clever Banana built a custom WordPress theme for their website with a focus on correcting one major issue: improving the site’s load time from 40+ seconds. 

The kicker? In order to meet the demands of Le Répertoire Déco’s holiday rush, Clever Banana agreed to a five week deadline.

Clever Results:

  • Le Répertoire Déco’s new custom Wordpress theme is now fully on brand, mobile friendly and loads the entire 2000+ listing directory in under 10 seconds.
  • The website is 100% bilingual, catering to both English and French-speakers.
  • In order for Vanessa’s team at Le Répertoire Déco to maintain the website and keep it up to date, Clever Banana provided full training and documentation.
  • Clever Banana came in under budget and on time in order to meet the deadline.


Phase 1 | Discover

Landscape Research & Information Architecture Creation

After meeting and getting to know Vanessa, the Clever Banana team performed research to understand the home decor landscape, including Le Répertoire Déco competitors. With a strong foundation and understanding of the industry, the Clever Banana team began ideating a new style and tone for the brand. 

As for the new website, Clever Banana began prototyping how to showcase the 2000+ listing directory in a way that technically sound (including quicker load times) and easy for web visitors to use. 

Phase one recap:

  • Attain deep understanding of client needs
  • Perform landscape research 
  • Ideate brand style and brainstorm directory UI.


Le Répetoire Déco

Phase 2 | Design

Le Répetoire Déco

Logo Creation & Website Mock-up

Based on the research and collaboration with Vanessa’s team in phase one, Clever Banana presented a moodboard to further define the branding colours of Le Répertoire Déco and created multiple drafts of the new logo. 

With Vanessa’s clear cut and decisiveness, it was quick easy for the Clever Banana team to understand what was (and wasn’t) a good fit for the brand’s new identity. Our designer created three variations of the final design of the Le Répertoire Déco logo that immediately went out in a press release, organized by Vanessa. 

Finally, both the entire Clever Banana team collaborated on the website mockup and UI/UX design. With only a few weeks to spare, everyone pitched in to meet the quickly approaching deadline. 

Phase two recap:

  • Draft logo and brand identity
  • Website mock-up


Phase 3 | Development

Le Répetoire Déco

Theme Implementation and Build

At Clever Banana, this is the fun part where we get our hands dirty with coding and development. With Le Répertoire Déco, we chose to develop the custom theme on WordPress so that Vanessa’s team can easily maintain the site in the future. 

As a result of the research and understanding in phase one and two, Clever Banana made two key technical decisions to ensure that the site was easy to navigate for users and easy to update for the Le Répertoire Déco team:

  1. Because Vanessa needed to keep the directory up-to-date with new boutique and designer listings, Clever Banana built a custom plugin that allows new listings to be added quickly and easily.
  2. In order to reduce the lengthy load times of the directory (about 40 seconds), Clever Banana built custom scripts to help ensure the new directory loads quickly and smoothly across various devices including iPhones, iPads and Android devices and desktop computers. As a result, the new directory loads in under 10 seconds. In other words, the custom script reduced the directory load time by 300%.

Phase three recap:

  • Website development
  • Apply research findings to create best-in-class custom solution for niche challenges
  • Provide documentation for website maintenance


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