Clever Banana was tasked with reinvigorated Memory Corner’s website so that it truly reflected the history and atmosphere of this third-generation Taiwanese restaurant. The team at Memory Corner wanted a sharp, mobile-friendly site that put their unique menu on display— so visitors could easily find and savour it. And it had to be easy to update in-house so they could access and modify it as they grow. 

Clever Fix:

Clever Banana visited Memory Corner and met with the owner, Raymond to discuss the new website. After discovering that Raymond had designed the restaurant interior and logo as an homage to the simple elegance of Taiwanese culture, Clever Banana was inspired. Our team knew we had to bring the special atmosphere of the restaurant to life on the site — hence why you’ll find detailed, authentic Chinese fonts throughout.

Clever Results:

  • The Memory Corner website is simple yet detailed: it’s completely infused with the brand and atmosphere of the restaurant so visitors get a feel for the place before they’ve even visited.
  • The site is mobile and desktop friendly, meaning visitors can easily find the menu or contact information no matter what device they’re using.
  • The backend is built with Wordpress so it’s accessible and can scale with growth (and the owner won’t have a hard time updating it himself in the future).

Phase 1 | Discover

Research & Information Architecture Creation

After meeting with Raymond at Memory Corner to get a feel for the restaurant atmosphere (and taste the menu!) Clever Banana got off to a running start. The team researched to learn more about Taiwanese culture, food and traditions before creating website concepts that better reflect the brand and restaurant offerings.


The biggest challenge was finding the perfect Chinese font that brought the brand to life while being easily readable across all devices. 


Phase 1 Recap:


  • Get a thorough understanding of the brand, history and client’s desired outcome
  • Collaborate with the client to brainstorm and ideate website look & feel
  • Map UI for desktop and mobile 
Memory Corner

Phase 2 | Design

Memory Corner

Website Mock-up & Design

After breaking ground in the research phase, our team decided to run with custom Chinese fonts as well as whimsical Chinese brush strokes throughout the site to add depth. 


We then built mobile and desktop prototypes and presented them to the team at Memory Corner. They loved the thematic direction of the site. From there, we took their feedback to optimize the UX/UI design and went straight into development.


Phase 2 Recap:

  • Flesh out overall theme and complete mapping of UI/UX of the site
  • Build and present mobile and desktop prototypes to the client for feedback

Phase 3 | Development

Memory Corner

Theme Implementation and Build

For Clever Banana, this is where the real fun begins. After researching and getting feedback on our mock-ups and design, we decided to build the full new site on Wordpress. This gave the team at Memory Corner the freedom to update the website on their own— no developers needed. 

We added custom post types in the backend for both location menus, which allows Memory Corner to easily find and update the menu on their own. The menu data is also shared between different locations, meaning if there’s a shared menu item between each restaurant, they only need to add it into the site once.

Our team’s favourite part of the new site is Chinese version of each menu. They’re designed after traditional Taiwanese menus, which are usually hand-written in Chinese script on the walls in each restaurant. 

Phase 3 Recap:

  • Mobile and desktop Wordpress site development and implementation

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